Customer Comments

"I have prescribed BioFlexor� to my patients for several years and have noticed a marked decrease in the need for narcotic analgesics in order to alleviate the symptoms of pain. I attribute these significant results to the use of BioFlexor�. A number of my patients refer to BioFlexor� as the "miracle rub". I personally use BioFlexor� since I participate in sports. In addition, I have recommended BioFlexor� to my mother for treatment of arthritis."
Alfredo Sardinas, M.D.
Orthopedic Surgeon
Houston, Texas

"I am a diabetic patient and have problems with circulation and pain in both legs for years. I tried every type of rub on the market - Ben Gay, Thera-gesic, Flexall, Icy Hot - you name it, I tried it, none of them helped. Therefore , I was a little skeptical when my doctor recommended BioFlexor�. After I tried it, I got so excited from the pain relief, I called a diabetic friend with similar problems, to come over and try BioFlexor� on his legs."
Tommy Morton
Cleveland, Texas

"You have a very good product. BioFlexor� has been effective in relieving pain associated with spine pain secondary to the musculoligamentous injuries. An advantage of using BioFlexor� from my patients standpoint is effective relief of pain and muscle spasms."
Dr. James W. Simmons, Jr.
Orthopedic Surgeon
San Antonio, Texas

"I have used many different products to relieve my pains and injuries resulting from my participating in sports. BioFlexor� is the only product that really works. I am a firm believer in BioFlexor�. I can apply it just prior to a game without worrying about a strong scent, like many of the products on the market. I started telling my teammates about how good this product is, and now many of them use it."
Greg Dillard
Georgetown University
Soccer Team

"The soreness in my knees from rheumatoid arthritis has been greatly relieved since applying BioFlexor� several times a day. I recommend this product highly!"
Jean Rosnagle
Kingwood, Texas



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